A World of Fantastical Flora and Fauna Waiting to be Discovered


Fera is made up of multiple biomes with different environments and natural phenomena that occur there. Each biome also contains unique flora and fauna species that have evolved to function and thrive in their specific biome.

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The ideas of Fera are based in ecology, evolution, and an appreciation for the natural world. My goal in creating this world is to introduce children ages 6 to 12 to these scientific concepts in a fun and exciting way. Ultimately, I hope that kids connect their fascination with Fera to the real world and the natural phenomena that occurs there, encouraging an interest in science and the environment.

Fera World Science Book for Kids

The organisms

found in Marin have evolved behavioral and anatomical characteristics that allow them to survive and thrive in these unique living conditions.

Marin contains 3 different ecological zones. Each zone has flora and fauna species specific to that zone, while some species migrate between zones.


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